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Employment Practice

At Wadhwa Law Offices, our dedication to delivering exceptional legal services in employment law is unmatched. We understand the nuances of this ever-evolving field. We are committed to guiding our clients through the complexities of labour and employment legislation with expertise, strategic thinking while mitigating reputational risks.

Our Employment Practice is distinguished by its comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to employment law, serving an array of domestic and international clients. We expertly navigate complex industrial relations and Human Resource (HR) – related matters, extending our expertise across diverse sectors and legal forums. That includes representation before various labour forums, courts, and regulators. Our clientele ranges from start-ups to multinational corporations, ensuring tailored solutions for every type of business.

The Firm’s approach is characterized by its proactive stance, focusing on preventive solutions that are both cost-effective and practical. We specialize in identifying and addressing potential legal and HR gaps and addressing it by creating robust contractual frameworks and formulating effective policies to minimize litigation risks, human resource challenges, and associated costs. This proactive method not only safeguards our clients legally but also enhances their operational efficiency.

Human Resource Engagement Agreements and Human Resource Policies

We provide bespoke legal services in structuring and negotiating a range of employment-related agreements — including offer letters, employment contracts, consultancy agreements, retainerships, secondment agreements, and staffing arrangements. Our legal documentation is meticulously tailored to suit the specific nature of the client’s relationship, industry, role, and geographic location. This individualized attention ensures compliance and protection for both the company and its personnel.

Additionally, we specialize in developing key HR-related policies and manuals. Our strategies are not only legally compliant but also align with current industry standards, thereby reinforcing our clients’ HR frameworks.

 We also advise on cross-border retention of talent including the secondment of expatriates. We conduct bespoke trainings for key managerial personnel and employees on employment matters.

HR Investigations, Labor Audits, and Anti-Harassment Advisory

We offer authoritative guidance in internal disciplinary inquiries, whistle-blower complaints, fact-finding exercises, and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) inquiries. We also handle intricate challenges like mass retrenchment, union disputes, social security benefits, and labour audits. Moreover, our tailored training programs for managerial staff and employees cover a spectrum of employment matters, ensuring clients stay informed and compliant.

Executive Compensation and Incentives

The Firm provides expert guidance in structuring and negotiating employment agreements, incentive packages, co-ownership structures, bonus structures, golden parachutes, and other aspects of executive compensation. We ensure that compensation arrangements align with our clients’ objectives and regulatory requirements. We also assist clients in structuring and implementing various stock option policies such as ESOPs, MSOPs, and phantom stocks. 

Our expertise includes advising on regulatory compliances for the grant of foreign ESOPs and other stock-based incentive plans by overseas parent entities. These services are crucial to attract and retain top talent in the competitive market.

Labor Disputes and Industrial Relations

Our extensive experience in handling terminations, investigations, and mass redundancies makes us a trusted advisor in the field of labour disputes and industrial relations. We provide strategic counsel and draft necessary documentation during transitions triggered by mergers and acquisitions, workforce reductions, or terminations, ensuring adherence to applicable labour laws and client policies.

The support extends beyond advisory roles; we offer on-the-ground assistance, assembling efficient teams to liaise with local authorities. We represent clients across sectors and fora including before various labour forums, courts, and regulators. This hands-on approach guarantees that our clients achieve their desired outcomes in a timely and effective manner.


Nitin Wadhwa

Managing Partner