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At Wadhwa Law Offices, we understand the intrinsic value of Intellectual Property (IP) in a fast-paced, innovation-driven market. Based out of three key hubs of intellectual law practice in India – the National Capital Region of India, Bengaluru, and Chennai, our dedicated team of legal experts is adept at safeguarding, leveraging, and commercializing intellectual property assets, ensuring their optimization to their full potential. Our seasoned team recognizes the indispensable value of Intellectual Property (IP) and its role in driving innovation.

Entrenched in the Indian legal milieu, we are closely attuned to the shifts and nuances in the IP landscape. Confidentiality-sensitive and time-sensitive, our IP experts provide holistic guidance based on the National IPR Policy, judicial precedents, and international treaties like TRIPS, the Paris Convention, and the PCT. We also navigate our clients through the procedural intricacies of dealing with regional Intellectual Property Offices across India.

In an age where ideas drive economies and creativity defines business competitiveness, Wadhwa Law Offices is committed to empowering its clients with comprehensive, forward-thinking, and personalized IP solutions. Our legacy in handling complex IP challenges and our deep understanding of the Indian IP ecosystem positions us as your trusted IP partner in India.

Our clientele spans diverse sectors, including but not limited to Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, FMCG, Renewable Electric, Automotive to Telecom, Energy, and Chemicals. Our expertise positions us at the vanguard of the Indian Intellectual Property landscape. A fusion of advanced technical qualifications and legal prowess equips our team to handle a spectrum of technologies adeptly.

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Nitin Wadhwa

Managing Partner

J. Lavanya

Patent Consultant

Ananth Swamy

Patent Counsel

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Senior Associate

Davender Punia

Patent Counsel